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We understand that many of our customers are new to the landscape lighting process and therefore we are happy to answer any questions you may have about it. Here we have set up a general question and answer forum to cover frequently asked questions many customers have had in our experience.

Is landscape lighting expensive?

No, we can work with most budgets to accomplish what your looking to do. If you are curious as to how much your ideal fixture may cost we encourage you to click the "FREE QUOTE" button on the top right of our page and contact us for an estimate!

How long does a typical job take to do?

Most residential jobs take 1 day depending on the amount of lighting being installed.

How does low voltage lighting compare to the older 110v lighting?

With all the low voltage LED fixtures that are available now you can accomplish the same brightness that only 110v fixtures use to do. Low voltage fixtures are extremely safer and more efficient without dramatically affecting your energy bill. Low voltage also allows you to add, change or move fixtures with minimal effort.

Will I need to turn on and off my new lights?

No, your system is controlled by a low voltage transformer. There are different ways as to how that this is done:

1. Photocell which turns on light by coming on automatically when it gets dark and can be set to shut off at a designated time.

2. A Timer which turns lights on and off using a built in timer.

3. Phone apps which can be set up with any of your pool equipment systems or a compatible transformer.

Are there different tones of light for landscape lighting? 

Yes, there is. Depending on your needs, we adjust that to what is being lit. Most common are 2700k which is a yellowish white, 3000k which is a clear light, and a 5000k which is a super bright more blueish white. 

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