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Design & Installation Process

We have made our design and installation process as efficient, quick, and painless as possible. With just a few steps we can bring any of your outdoor lighting dreams to life!

Schedule an Appointment & Initial Visit

We will schedule an appointment with you to look over property and see what ideas you would like to accomplish as well as what features you would like to highlight. With the initial visit, you will be able to see samples of the various light fixtures we use and have you choose the style and color of your fixture. Ensuring we understand your vision and the desired quality of your lighting fixtures is very important to us!


Project Proposal & Job Site Scheduling

After gathering all the information from the initial visit, we get to work coming up with a plan for your property's lighting. We will send out a proposal via email for you to review. This proposal serves as a rough blueprint for how we envision to bring your fixture to life. At this point, if you have any questions or concerns we can go over the proposed job and make the necessary adjustments you had in mind. Once the proposal is accepted, we will contact you to schedule a day and time to set up your job site with usually a very quick turnaround.


Lighting Installation

Now is the fun part which is letting us create the oasis you envisioned! We will send out one of our lighting installation experts to carefully place the fixtures around your property, cover connecting wires, and run various test to ensure the lighting is working just the way you want it. Once the system is installed, we will go over what has been done and walk the property with you to ensure our work is to your utmost satisfaction.


Watch Your Lighting Come to Life!

It's the moment you have been waiting for! All that's left is to wait for it to get dark and see the new creation. If any adjustments are needed, we will come back the next day free of charge to take care of any issues. Our number one priority is to make sure we have a happy customer that is smiling brighter than the lights we install!

Solar Landscape Lighting


Beyond our initial installment, we also offer an as needed maintenance program to clear any lights of obstruction from growing plants or minor adjustments and ensure your fixture continues to shine bright. Our bottom line is that we want to have you love your new nighttime feature for years to come and tell a friend of the excellent service you received.

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